What Is SmartStrand Carpet?

SmartStrand is the brand name of a revolutionary carpet yarn developed by Du Pont, the company who researched and created Nylon back in 1935. Manufactured by Mohawk in the USA and distributed in Europe by Lano Carpets there is unnecessary mystery and confusion around the fabric.

The actual yarn itself is called Triexta, Sorona being the brand name it was given by Du Pont, and SmartStrand the name given by Mohawk and subsequently Lano. All these names can and are often used interchangeably, but none of these really explain what the yarn is and what its benefits are.

SmartStrand is actually a form of Polyester. Perhaps a lot of the mystery and marketing jargon associated with the fabric comes from the negative perception some have of Polyester. In short, the original Polyester yarn (PET) was petroleum based and had low resiliency, it was cheap to produce and provided cheap carpets that were easily dyed, producing vivid colours and a soft pile but at the expense of durability. Later, a new form of Polyester was created (PTT) which had much better resiliency however at a high cost and again lacking in green credentials. This is where Du Pont stepped in and after many years of research created Triexta Sorona, known as SmartStrand. SmartStrand is a PTT yarn that is highly renewable, made largely of corn, that has all the benefits of Polyester but very few drawbacks.

Every carpet material has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Wool has great anti-crush characteristics, can hide soil well but once stained can be extremely difficult to clean, it is also the most expensive of all mainstream carpet materials.

Nylon is also expensive, has a level of absorption meaning that pet urine and other stains and spills can be partially absorbed by the fabric, chemical stain treatments are required to keep stains away, this coupled with the makeup of the fabric means the yarn is not particularly eco-friendly. It has great strength and resiliency and takes on colour well but suffers from UV fading and needs to be regularly cleaned.

Polypropylene is tough and has decent stain resistance, it can be cleaned using fairly harsh chemicals and is cheap, however it flattens easily and attracts oil based stains and soil, often leaving it feeling matted after use.

PET Polyester is vibrant, soft, has great stain resistance but poor resiliency in terms of “bounce back”. The fabric has good fade resistance and is cheap, but performs like a cheap carpet and is not suitable for high traffic areas.

Finally, PTT (Sorona, Triexta, SmartStrand) has all the benefits of PET, being silky soft, taking on colour well, with excellent stain resistance and low moisture absorption due to its closed cell construction, while also being hard wearing, having excellent bounce back ability (with some warranties lasting up to 25 years) and strong sun-fade protection meaning it can be used in any area of the home. The manufacturing and materials used mean that SmartStrand is a highly renewable, green and eco-friendly material. SmartStrand is more expensive than most other synthetic fabrics and is in line with Nylon in terms of cost, equalling all the positive factors, but removing many of Nylon’s drawbacks. It is expected to be the carpet yarn of the future.

Go Rustic for a Date With the Warmth and Splendor of Natural Stone Mosaic Tiles

Want to copy farmhouse patterns or aiming for a jumbled, but the smart decor, the rustic mosaic tile patterns would fill the house with happiness. Get them in small sizes and shapes, the mosaics bringing a warmth and a love to the setting. Whether on walls and floors around the house in living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, create the most attractive homely looks!

Choose from among several natural stone mosaics to bring an eternal rustic shadow that never leaves the sanctity of the home.

Rustique 3d Interlocking Pattern

The slate tile sensation comes in a mix of grays, browns, and rusts that together speak a winning language. The 3d Interlocking Pattern fits in prettily in an accent wall that reminds of a naturally sculpted mountainside. Arrange them around a fireplace to create a cabin effect. If they are put on the wall that surrounds a soaking tub in the bathroom, a tranquil spa effect is a welcome impact.

Hedron Interlocking 3d Polished Pattern

Among the best choices to spruce up style statements, this is a natural Crema Marfil Spanish marble tile! They come in a variety of beige shades. Though of a neutral light shade, it creates warmth in the surrounding and matches well with most other colors and shades. The design has scattered rectangular tile projections jutting out of the wall in a variety of thicknesses. Flat walls come to sheer life amidst the complex patterns. Imagine an accent wall under its impact at the entrance! Alternatively, combine them with the flat Crema Marfil marble countertop in the bathroom.

Silver Ash Tumbled Veneer

The rustic theme is getting more attractive and mystically so. This tile has an attractive rustic honed surface. The thin rectangles sit well on small bathroom floors and on horizontal walls too. The grays along with bits of deep tan grace the natural travertine tile. They look sensational to create accent borders in a pattern. Why not try them out on shower walls? They could provide a border stripe around the room too. Besides, the honed finish guards with a non-slip surface in the wet areas.

Chiaro Travertine Tumbled Veneer

Get the romantic feel all the way from Tuscany with this pretty tile! A striking traditional old world beauty comes from the sensational shades of beige with a tumbled surface. Put the Chiaro on backsplashes to grace a pretty granite counter, rising above the stove. The tile would grace the border on the floor too. The tile is very effective in the fireplace surrounds too. Let it grace the wall behind the fireplace or the mantel.

Emperador Cafe

A mosaic that truly haunts the vision with the unique rustic charm. The style statement is absolutely fascinating. It is a brown marble tile that is available in a range of sizes to suit a variety of applications. Some versions are the five-eighth-inch square pieces that are arranged in tumbled finish sheets. Alternatively, get them in sheets of brown marble blended with pretty neutral glass. Small-sized tiles help to create distinctive kitchen backsplash designs. Wall designs would need a larger ground tile.

A design plan is essential like arranging the bottom half on the wall in large squares or subway Emperador Cafe tile. A pencil molding appears above that, with a few lines of Emperador Cafe assorted with glass mosaics, topped off with rail mold. Plan the floor to ceiling tile arrangement with 12-inch square tiles in the three lower rows. Put the rail mold above that and then place the small mosaic squares all the way to the ceiling.

Natural stone mosaics bless the home and family with happiness and esthetics! Bring rustic peace and a traditional charm with the style and durability of natural stone mosaics. Nothing really beats nature’s treasures, raised in the timelessness of the womb deep below. Introduce timeless joys and an otherworldly ambiance into the home.

Let the family be blessed with moments of tranquillity amidst all the contemporary stresses. Create an oasis of old world joys for moments of reality that transcend time and space. Choose among a bevy of essentially fabulous natural creations, trimmed and designed by humans and technology. Build a bridge to the past and nature to bring utter happiness for the whole family.

Top 10 Resons Epoxy Floors Are the Best for Commercial Use

By replacing your marble flooring, you can easily understand how challenging it could be if you are only thinking of this as a walk in the park. As a matter of fact, the conventional surfacing options such as lime stone, marble, etc. are absolutely difficult to maintain. So, instead of using all those stuff boost another idea and concept of terrazzo.

This was actually thought of to generate something, which can easily be modifiable as changing the wall paints. And that specific idea was Epoxy Floors coating paint. But if you think that why it is the best for commercial use, then get the idea from the following segment.

1. Strength is an option

This kind of terrazzo is just up to 7 times stronger as well as more durable rather than concrete. It also upsurges the longevity of your parquet and greatly decreases the costly repairs. Installing it on your house, you will be able to protect it from the outer harm.

2. This is absolutely waterproof

Epoxy Floors is absolutely nonporous. Thus this is impervious to the water and some other fluids. It also makes your house and the terrazzo resistant to the ultimate growth of molds, mildews, as well as fungus. You do not have to worry about the rain; it will be protected from the rain easily.

3. Chemical and Acid Resistant

This specific base is absolutely resistant to the chemicals and acid. As a matter of fact, they will not damage, discolor, or even stain it by any chance. Installing it in your house, you can easily protect it from some outer pollution as well as outer stuff.

4. Texture is also there

Very heavily or smooth textured floors can easily both be created using this kind of flooring only depending upon the ultimate requirements of each and every facility. The heavy texture creates the non-slip flooring. Containing some beautiful texture, you can easily install it in your house.

5. Seamless and perfect

This kind of terrazzo easily can be installed as the seamless floor. The seamless flooring is actually recommended as well as approved by the USDA, FDA and other governing bodies. This kind of material is absolutely seamless and perfect for the house’s terrazzo.

6. Low maintenance

The specific flooring is absolutely easy to clean. It can be cleaned as well as disinfected swiftly reducing the ultimate cost of the daily maintenance. When an individual is opting for some kind of low maintenance stuff for their parquet, then it can be the finest thing for the home.

7. It is quite decorative

This has been considered as the best for commercial use. Not just for home, you can easily use the specific stuff for your company or organization. Being so decorative it has gained a huge popularity. The parquet can be designed along with 1000’s of color patterns, colors, and styles using some pigments as well as sparkles, vinyl chips, etc.

8. This is also repairable

Although the base has an extremely long life, when repairs are required they can be easily done easily without the requiring a complete renovation. When you install the floor materials in your house, you always should keep in mind that whether it is repairable or not.

9. This is also customizable

This kind of floor panel is entirely customizable. The strength, texture, color, depth, as well as chemical resistance, can all be identified to the specific requirements of your facility.

10. High-performance guarantee

Installing this kind of floor panel in your house, you will be able to make your house look absolutely amazing and interesting. And out of everything, it provides a tremendous high-performance guarantee so that you do not have to go to any shop for the repair in a certain time.