Carpets Brightens Up the Look of the Place

Carpets are mainly used for decorative purposes to give your house or your office at times a more sophisticated look. They instantly brighten up the surroundings and give the place a more polished look.

It is also a great way to keep the respective place clean compared to places that don’t have carpets at all. However there are a number of benefits that one can enjoy by carpeting a place of their choice that they think need it.

Here are some valuable benefits of doing so:-


Like I mentioned earlier, carpeting has mostly to do with enhancing the appearance of the place. It gives a certain touch to the décor with the various colors and designs it is available in. This carpeting can help you in some way to provide you with the kind of looking you have been looking for, for your home or office.


Styling the look of a room is very important to create a kind of an impression on the people who would be visiting those places. Over the years, with the hundreds and thousands of styles, patterns, cuts that have embraced the markets of such designing carpets are good enough for providing the premises with such a style statement.


Ever tried curling up like a ball on a cold winter night right in front of that warm fireplace? When you have a soft and warm carpet laid in front of it, it gives you the most comforting feeling ever o lie on it and curl up with a blanket. Carpets are soft and extremely comfortable and it gives you a very pleasant feel.


Carpeting the floor is a very effective way of saving money. When compared to hard surface flooring, cleaning of carpets demands much less spending to get cleaned up and be maintained. Hard surface flooring would need much more money for cleaning, but if you use carpets, you need not worry about spending more than what is required.


Carpet is an excellent trapping machine of dust and allergens that might cause harm to your health. They do a very good job in trapping them until and unless successive measures are sought after to get rid of them completely and are removed for good. Thus carpeting would also ensure the safety and good being of your health in a way.

Hence as you can see that carpets are not only for decorative purpose but it also plays a very important role in keeping you safe from diseases which could be a problem. Carpets are a good way of ensuring a good health as well as a good look for a place.

COREtec Vinyl Floors

Vinyl flooring has come a long way in the last decade. It’s no longer a basic, boring product but instead a vibrant flooring choice that offers great performance and durability. US Floors is a top manufacturer of beautiful, sustainable flooring that’s breaking all the rules when it comes to vinyl. Consider the COREtec collection, which goes above and beyond to provide unbelievable residential performance.

What Sets COREtec Apart?

COREtec is unique among its competitors because of its innovative construction. Thanks to how its built, the flooring is waterproof but doesn’t suffer from some of the drawbacks of previous water-resistant products. It does an excellent job of repelling water and resisting dangerous mold and mildew. At base, the four-layer construction of COREtec provides best-in-class performance, durability and comfort.

Of course, that’s not all that COREtec does. This completely unique flooring is also designed to:

  • Install easily without acclimation.
  • Work in larger areas without the use of transition strips.
  • Be stable with no expansion and contraction.
  • Resist water penetration without causing damage to the flooring.
  • Reduce noise and add warmth.
  • Install over existing hard-surface floors and hide subfloor imperfections.
  • Eliminate the need to install a separate underlayment.

Explore Your COREtec Options

Gorgeous designs are just as important to US Floors as durability, and there’s no exception when it comes to COREtec. This flooring is available in three primary styles and an array of finishes to meet your exact needs. Each of these products brings together the beauty of classic design with the boldness of contemporary styling.

COREtec Plus Planks

Available in three widths, COREtec Plus planks are designed to have the look and feel of traditional hardwood without all the hassles. This flooring is available in a wide variety of finishes including both domestic and exotic species and is available in classic and contemporary styles to suit any space. It’s truly a luxury flooring product that will add to the aesthetic value of your home.

COREtec Plus Tile

Natural stone tiles may look striking, but they can be both expensive and hard to maintain. Not so with COREtec Plus tile designs, which offer the beauty of stone in a comfortable, durable package. These tiles are available in a variety of styles including marble, travertine, slate and stamped concrete. Of course, comfort is another arena where these tiles excel. Unlike cold, hard stone, COREtec tiles feature a comfort-optimizing, attached cork underlayment.


These striking COREtec floors are fashioned to look like traditional hardwood and are available in a variety of domestic and exotic species. Unlike traditional hardwood, they’re ideal in wet rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms and basements. Affordability is also a chief selling point of this flooring, which offers residential pricing at a reasonable opening point.

Absolutely Stunning Lifelike Imitations in These Six Wood-Look Tiles

Traditions run eternally and hardwood floors create a stunning home scenario. Real estate agents confirm that homes with such floors fetch higher prices. If the realities are considered, hardwood floors suffer drawbacks, fragile and susceptible to damage. Simply install wood-look tiles hassle free, thanks to printing technology!

Those sustaining porcelain tiles are easily maintained. With inkjet printing wood appearances so convincingly, you have that beloved wood surrounding. A variety of shades and patterns allow esthetic choices. Light or very dark, take the choices of mahogany, maple, pine. Barn wood imitations may attract some people with depictions of white paint and saw marks. Besides the six examples, use the online floor visualizer tool to get real and close regarding flooring plans.

Botanica Cashew

The wood-look tile is similar to hardwood floors for laying designs such as herringbone. This amazing tile expresses wood grain in a rich brown shade, available in planks of 6″x24″ and 6″x36.” Cut them up and install them in creative designs. Once set up, there is little to worry about and you can bask in the rare beauty.

Country River Stone

Imagine the wood-look tiles out in the patio! A wooden deck with no problems arising, no stains and no splinters getting in the way. Love the warm gray that look quite like old wooden planks.

Aspenwood Artic

Beige and cream come together for a delicious treat in this variety. It would look like natural wooden floors in a 33% offset pattern. Family rooms should have them with no possibility of damage arising from naughty kids and pets.

Vintage Leather

In every style, there exists a space for the vintage element. Go contemporary, cottage or chic, weathered and reclaimed barn wood would be a welcome sight. Family rooms or kitchens would love the antique charm of rustic airs. It won’t get damaged in a hurry in spite of every danger and damage, besides being easily cleaned.

Palmetto Fog

Hardwood at entrances means worries about mud and water. Get wood-look tiles and carpets are done away with. Go for this gentle gray color in glazed matte.

Helena Birch

No chance of wooden floors in the bathroom but porcelain wood tile makes it possible. With this tile, you get a spa look. Splashes and mildew present no problem.

Try out much more varieties with the floor visualizer along with preferred cabinets and other furnishings. Get hooked on woody design without hassles.

A Guide To Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

Luxury Vinyl Tile (commonly known as LVT) has become the flooring industry’s fastest growing sector in the past few years. Not to be mistaken with rolls of vinyl that are often used as cheaper options for covering bathroom or kitchen floors, LVT is often mistakenly referred to as Karndean or Amtico by those more familiar with the brands than the type of flooring itself.

Today there are dozens of manufacturers offering this type of flooring, from entry-level and very affordable options from companies such as Lifestyle Floors which offers excellent value as well as robust and resilient tiles, to Polyflor who have an excellent range for domestic use and also specialise in commercial applications. Karndean, and more so Amtico, sit towards the top end of the Luxury Vinyl Tile market with some excellent products, while Moduleo is one of the fastest growing brands in the fastest growing sector of the industry.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles are available in both stone tile and wood plank effect giving the natural beauty of wood and stone flooring but without the drawbacks. LVT is warm under foot, suitable for under-floor heating; the tiles are water and wear resistant, making them ideal for kitchens and bathrooms alike. Most provide anti-slip properties, are easy to clean and require little to no maintenance. The wear layer of LVT is a general indication of quality or expected life-span starting at around 0.2mm for general domestic use up to 1mm for heavy commercial or even industrial use. Many manufacturers offer wear resistance guarantees up to 25 years.

In the past few years, technological advancements have made the manufacture of this type of flooring more eco-friendly, many companies now offer life-like texture such as the Moduleo ‘Registered Emboss’ technology which follows the knots, scars and grooves of the wood pattern to get as close to the look, feel and texture of real hardwood as possible while offering all the benefits of LVT flooring.

Luxury Vinyl Tile is light, making it easier to manoeuvre and transport for larger projects, new developments have allowed a new click system similar to laminate, while the traditional stick-down method is still favoured for some applications such as in sun-rooms and conservatories. LVT can be installed by those proficient at DIY, although a solid and smooth sub-floor is required and key to a successful and long lasting installation.

LVT in general sits between good quality laminate and real wood or stone flooring in terms of cost, however, the nature of the product means that is has various benefits over all the alternatives with very few draw-backs. An ideal flooring solution for those looking for a high quality floor that is resilient, water-resistant and easily maintained.