Do You Know The Amazing Facts About Calacatta Marble?

While one would think of the lesser and greater marble, the truth is that they were all born the same way! Limestone underwent a mutation into a crystalline marble. Yet, some marble varieties hold greater appeal and Calacatta is one of them. The stunning, high-end natural stone bears a distinguished appearance and is rare enough to be considered precious. Calacatta suits several diverse purposes.

The typical Calacatta looks

While Carrara has many gentle veins, Calacatta has a few bold veins, very dramatic indeed. The soothing white background and the veins appeal worldwide to homeowners, designers, and architects. Greater whiteness indicates higher prices and charm. The veins suit book-matched installations too, as compared to other marble patterns.

We offer 6 varieties of Calacatta. Each is exquisite and they are called Calacatta Classic and Calacatta Gold, Calacatta Gold Premium and Calacatta Lasa, Calacatta Splendor and Calacatta Vagli. Against the white backdrop, the veins may be golden or gray in several shades. The neutral colors may be easily blended with wood varieties and other decor elements. Plan the color choices as dramatic contrasts or moderate effects.

Being rare is desirable always

Whatever is high-end is not commonly found. Greater demand results in higher prices. Calacatta marble comes to our homes and offices from a single location globally in Carrara in Italy, far, far away! It may confuse some people that Carrara marble also comes from the same quarry. The Calacatta marble production is little and regulated. Seasons also make a difference since working in the harsh winter on the Carrara mountain top can be challenging. Thus, the higher prices and the rarity, the labor and the reputation of Calacatta marble.

A range of applications of this marble

Introduced by the legend called Michelangelo, Calacatta marble stands for indulgence and is installed in showy areas. Corporate houses could have Calacatta marble in the entry way. Look around and you will see Calacatta countertops in designer residences and company boardrooms. If you wish for smartness indoors, install Calacatta countertops and backsplashes in kitchens and bathrooms.

Since marble is easy to maintain and keep spotlessly clean, they find endearing uses in bathrooms. Put them on shower walls and tub surrounds. Vanities could use them too and create a magical effect. Install Calacatta marble in areas without high traffic like hearths and fireplaces. The family will never stop loving those intricate patterns and their rich variety of perspectives.

Is Carpet Off-Gassing Just a Bunch of Fake News? A Common Carpet Myth Debunked

Off-gassing has been floating around online as something we should fear from our carpeting. But first, what is off-gassing anyway? Off-gassing refers to possible volatile organic compounds or VOCs and chemicals being emitted from new furniture or similar household materials. Some people confuse that new carpet smell with the off-gassing of VOCs. But, let’s take a look at the facts.

If one looks up the term “off-gassing,” they will likely be met with scary headlines that claim household materials can cause serious health issues. These are some frightening claims, but as many of us would like to install new beautiful carpeting in our homes, it’s important to get at the truth and take some time to address these concerns.

First, it is said that carpet is one of the lowest emitters of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) among household furnishings and building materials. And, carpeting sold at trusted flooring companies goes through extensive indoor air quality tests before it even reaches the stores. An easy way to find out the level of standards for a particular carpet is by looking for a green label. ‘ Green Label,’ from the Carpet and Rug Institute, ensures that customers are purchasing the lowest emitting carpet, adhesive and cushion products on the market.

All-in-all, new carpet smell does not equal leaking chemicals. And, claims that formaldehyde is being emitted by off-gassing, another thing one might find online, is simply untrue. Formaldehyde is not a concern as it is no longer used in the manufacturing process in the United States. In fact, scientific studies now show that carpet is one of the lowest emitters of volatile organic compounds (VOCS) into the indoor environment. And, carpet has recently been proven to emit less VOCs than other household interior products like wall paint.

Although some love that new carpet smell, it may not be everyone’s favorite aroma. If this is the case, it is a good idea to open the windows after a carpet installation to allow the room to air out for a while. What VOCs new carpet may emit are short-lived and largely dissipate within 24 to 48 hours. And, this occurs even faster with fresh air ventilation.

The best way to find out about the safety of carpeting for the home is by speaking to carpet professionals and by asking questions. Flooring and carpeting professionals are well-versed in all things carpeting and will be able to address your concerns. They should be able to show you proof that the carpeting you’ve chosen has been given the Green Label and has gone through the proper testing.

Wood Flooring: Giving Your Home Class, In A Natural Way

Decorating your home with wood floorings is a heavenly feeling. It gives you cool of nature and at the same time provides you with the charm of its beautiful furnishing and designs. Wooden flooring is available in multiple designs, textures, colors, etc. They make your home feel different, they make you feel different. Easy to clean and easy to install wood floorings are future of interior designing. An investment worth investing in.

Why wood floorings?

– Long lasting beauty and elegance to your home

– Easy to clean (with few chemicals)

– Avoid trapping of dust. Hence, they are the best choice for a dust allergic person.

– Gives you a softer touch to your legs and joints compared to the conventional stone or tile flooring.

– It’s also best for the environment. Doesn’t produce any harmful chemicals like CO2 while manufacturing.

– Finally, all in all it adds to the elegance of your house immensely.

These properties make them the best in floorings. This is why the buyers of the house nowadays go for these type of floorings in their dream homes. People have really given great feedback about its maintenance time and installation and sleek looks. These extensive list of properties of theirs might have led them to make a bit costlier over other floorings, but why not spend now and enjoy the happiness it gives for the rest of your life.

Wood Floor Installation

Proper installation leads to having long lasting floors and adding value to your home. It is an easy to do process. All you have to do is select the perfect wood flooring suitable for your house. The rest is done by installers in an easy to do, dust free way. Finally giving you the perfect floor you desired. It includes various ways of installing the floorings, the surrounding conditions and along with it, it is based on the choice of the homeowner too.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Floor Refinishing is especially done to maintain the beauty, quality and the durability of the flooring.

Why is it so important?

– Protect it from damaging from harsh conditions

– Done to avoid the wood from rising up and causing the surface to become rough.

– Enhance wood’s natural color

It gives your floor the touch of a doctor like that to a sick patient. It is an easy to do process with the application of special chemicals over the floor and/or sanding of floorings. All this can be done without any efforts from your side. Call up a flooring installer and the rest is done by him. Refinishing and installation of floors will be done by them in a limited dust emission process and with minimum stress to us. They ensure that they provide us with the best in class wooden floor with elegance, beauty and perfection.

Above all, you can change the look of your flooring and make it personalized with colored stains, acrylic finishes, paints etc. without compromising their strength or other properties.

Redecorate your house with the natural look that you wanted by installing best suitable wooden floors for your home.

Bring the Magic of Nature Back With a Frenzy of Pretty Pebble Tile Designs

Those unique childhood nature memories of riversides, trees, and campfires deserve to live on. We outgrow a great deal, but fabulous nature and the greenery live on for an eternity. Among the superb gifts of technology are wonderful ways of packaging those spectacular little pebbles to refresh the daily existence!

Spring and summer having arrived, reinventing particular spaces according to preferences are very much in order. An array of pebble designs, perhaps to surround an outdoor pool amidst an inspiring landscaped garden with rocks and greenery.

Black Pebbles

It might be rustic but steeped in luxury with the splashy black pebble mosaics surrounding the tub, in an elegant and modern tumbled design. Reminding of stones at the picturesque riverside, install the soaking tub upon a pebble base. Marble pebbles are truly extraordinary, resist moisture and immensely durable. Backsplashes, shower walls, and accent walls love them. Get that rich spa feel in the bath.

Rug-inspired pebble projects

Pebble floors along passages and hallways with Mixed Marble floorings provide a visual treat. Limestone walls would add to the allure of the serene garden that haunts the outdoors. Reality sometimes beats the dreamy quality. Are pebbles really going to replace the traditional rug? Natural colors and textures achieve the impossible with a brief period of getting used to. A few bonus points come your way with travertine, marble and limestone pebbles that are easily cleaned and require minimal maintenance.

Sliced Pebble Coal Tile & Black Polished Pebbles

Pathways underfoot lined with pebbles indoors and out? Why ever not with the sun, moon, clouds and stars for the elegant company? Sliced pebbles and beach pebbles serve a variety of esthetic purposes. Floors and walls indoors in bathrooms or pretty landscapes outdoors, everything is possible with these little pebble colors, textures, designs and range of materials.

Serenity Stone Pebble

Do you fancy shower surrounds in ivory, beige or gray shades of pebble marble tile? Honed marble looks like clever dreams on kitchen and bathroom backsplashes too. Idle, outdated spaces come to life in an instant with such a smart solution. They fit in and match traditional home architecture perfectly. The Meshed Pebble Collection matches the old and the new style combination refreshingly too. Mesh-backed pebbles are easy to install.

Mixed Polished Pebbles

Contrasting tan, cream and gray mix in many shapes and sizes, just as in nature! Create a budget-friendly outdoor haven. Pebbles protect the soil and expel pests. Marble beach pebbles last forever, easily maintained. Lawns require ample water in comparison.