Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Laminate Flooring Origination

The Brothers Behind Laminate Flooring

The early origins of laminate can be traced to Sweden, where it was invented by a pair of enterprising brothers named Robin and Darko Pervan. In 1979, IKEA released the first laminate floors to the public. These products were made by the Swedish company Perstorp under the trade name Pergo and featured a sturdy particleboard core and an interlocking tongue-and-groove system. Darko Pervan later founded his own company, secured patents for locking systems and invented glueless laminate floors.

How Laminate is Made Today

Laminate manufacturing today is much like it was in the past. Of course, today’s flooring manufacturers used the latest techniques and materials to make flooring that is practically unmatched when it comes to durability and versatility. They accomplish this by constructing four-layer planks and tiles from a variety of natural and recycled materials.

Manufacturers that know how to strike the perfect balance with these four layers are able to create flooring that offers high use and aesthetic value. As you shop, look for information from the manufacturer about what they do at each layer of flooring to make their products superior. Remember that laminate is composed of balancing, core, pattern and wear layers.

The balancing layer is the part of the flooring that will come into contact with your subfloor and provides a stable, water-resistant base for the floor as a whole. Thickest of the four, the core layer is comprised of fiberboard or other compressed materials that offer cushion and stability. The pattern layer consists of a paper printed to look like wood, stone, tile or another design. Topping it all off is the wear layer, which protects the flooring from wear and tear.

Manufacturers aim to create the best stability at every level so their floors can earn high AC ratings. These ratings describe the type of traffic for which different products are suitable. Floors rated AC1are ideal for light residential use. AC2 floors are good for standard residential use. AC3 floors are ideal for heavy residential and moderate commercial traffic while AC4 floors can withstand general commercial traffic demands. The most durable floors are rated AC5 and are appropriate for high-traffic commercial applications.

Manufacturers are constantly working to improve laminate’s durability, flexibility and beauty. One of the most exciting laminate brands out there is COREtec. This amazing line from US Floors features cork balancing layers, completely stable and waterproof cores, gorgeous decorative layers and the most durable wear layers available.

How to Choose Commercial Laminate

The Skinny on Commercial Laminate Flooring

If you visit a flooring showroom, you’re likely to see dozens upon dozens of different laminate options. Before you start shopping, make sure that you’re looking at commercial offerings instead of residential offerings. High-quality commercial laminate is made up of a sequence of durable layers designed to provide superior stability and a long wear life.

Choosing the Right Rating

When it comes to laminate, it’s essential to choose floors with the right AC rating. AC ratings describe the type of traffic that different products can withstand.

  • AC1: These floors are ideal for light residential use in spaces such as bedrooms.
  • AC2: These floors are designed for moderate residential use in areas such as kitchens and living rooms.
  • AC3: These floors are ideal for light commercial traffic or heavy residential traffic.
  • AC4: These floors are designed for light-to-moderate commercial use and feature an extra-durable wear layer.
  • AC5: These floors are ideal for moderate-to-high traffic commercial buildings such as grocery stores and busy offices.

To ensure the longest possible product life and best installation results, we only carry laminate floors with a rating of AC3 or higher at S&G Carpet and More.

More Options for Your Space

In addition to offering durability, laminate also offers flexibility in both large and small spaces. Laminate floors are available in a variety of plank widths and tile sizes. If you’re working with a very large space, choose long, wide planks or bold tiles. If you’re working with a smaller area, opt for tiles or narrower planks. Choosing planks that are too wide will make a small room look even smaller.

If it’s likely that your floors will get wet on a regular basis, you should also choose flooring designed to repel water. One great option is COREtec, which features a waterproof core. We recommend these floors for commercial kitchens and bathrooms as well as retail spaces with heavy foot traffic.

Matching Laminate to Your Space

Of course, laminate offers a lot of design choices too. It features a decorative layer printed to look like hardwood, stone, tile and an array of other patterns. As you shop, think about the overall feel of your space. Determine what furnishings will be placed on the flooring, and be sure that their upholstery and the flooring don’t clash. It’s a good idea to stick with classic hardwood and stone choices for professional spaces.

Top 10 Resons Epoxy Floors Are the Best for Commercial Use

By replacing your marble flooring, you can easily understand how challenging it could be if you are only thinking of this as a walk in the park. As a matter of fact, the conventional surfacing options such as lime stone, marble, etc. are absolutely difficult to maintain. So, instead of using all those stuff boost another idea and concept of terrazzo.

This was actually thought of to generate something, which can easily be modifiable as changing the wall paints. And that specific idea was Epoxy Floors coating paint. But if you think that why it is the best for commercial use, then get the idea from the following segment.

1. Strength is an option

This kind of terrazzo is just up to 7 times stronger as well as more durable rather than concrete. It also upsurges the longevity of your parquet and greatly decreases the costly repairs. Installing it on your house, you will be able to protect it from the outer harm.

2. This is absolutely waterproof

Epoxy Floors is absolutely nonporous. Thus this is impervious to the water and some other fluids. It also makes your house and the terrazzo resistant to the ultimate growth of molds, mildews, as well as fungus. You do not have to worry about the rain; it will be protected from the rain easily.

3. Chemical and Acid Resistant

This specific base is absolutely resistant to the chemicals and acid. As a matter of fact, they will not damage, discolor, or even stain it by any chance. Installing it in your house, you can easily protect it from some outer pollution as well as outer stuff.

4. Texture is also there

Very heavily or smooth textured floors can easily both be created using this kind of flooring only depending upon the ultimate requirements of each and every facility. The heavy texture creates the non-slip flooring. Containing some beautiful texture, you can easily install it in your house.

5. Seamless and perfect

This kind of terrazzo easily can be installed as the seamless floor. The seamless flooring is actually recommended as well as approved by the USDA, FDA and other governing bodies. This kind of material is absolutely seamless and perfect for the house’s terrazzo.

6. Low maintenance

The specific flooring is absolutely easy to clean. It can be cleaned as well as disinfected swiftly reducing the ultimate cost of the daily maintenance. When an individual is opting for some kind of low maintenance stuff for their parquet, then it can be the finest thing for the home.

7. It is quite decorative

This has been considered as the best for commercial use. Not just for home, you can easily use the specific stuff for your company or organization. Being so decorative it has gained a huge popularity. The parquet can be designed along with 1000’s of color patterns, colors, and styles using some pigments as well as sparkles, vinyl chips, etc.

8. This is also repairable

Although the base has an extremely long life, when repairs are required they can be easily done easily without the requiring a complete renovation. When you install the floor materials in your house, you always should keep in mind that whether it is repairable or not.

9. This is also customizable

This kind of floor panel is entirely customizable. The strength, texture, color, depth, as well as chemical resistance, can all be identified to the specific requirements of your facility.

10. High-performance guarantee

Installing this kind of floor panel in your house, you will be able to make your house look absolutely amazing and interesting. And out of everything, it provides a tremendous high-performance guarantee so that you do not have to go to any shop for the repair in a certain time.