An Immense Variety of Affordable, Durable Floor Tiles to Uplift the Spirits

Whether it is the majestic marble tiles or the many-colored granite tiles, interior designers have not stopped wondering. Ceramic and porcelain tiles too, that are far more affordable, come with clever imitations of wood, cloth, and cement textures. Consider the mesmerizing blends of stone, glass, and metal with their intricate designs.

Tiles have certainly come to stay, compulsorily for exotic floors and often found on walls too. Glance around at the floors and walls of the trendiest malls, airports, and healthcare facilities in the heart of the city. What would probably be witnessed are colorful extravaganzas of natural stone or ceramic tiles of various patterns and dimensions. Larger formats are now the vogue and they give the impression of larger spaces.

It does involve sentiments and déjà vu, but the days of wooden floors and decorative carpets are now gone. What probably lasted for thousands of years has now receded into the pages of history. But why? Wood and carpets were pretty enough and insulated against the cold, but were not so durable or cost effective either. Spills and stains on carpets could be quite destructive. Wood is also susceptible to insects and water and could be damaged by children at play though wood does last and last.

Compare the effort and the expense with natural stone or ceramic tiles! Once installed, there is little to worry about for decades. Wood requires periodic replenishment and carpets do not have a long life either. In terms of attractiveness too, manufacturers and artists have been exploring new frontiers. The tile designs and materials on display truly tempt the imagination. Business premises, particularly have a heyday in creating surroundings that attract customer curiosity.

Tiled floors that last a lifetime

While tile prices are getting more and more affordable along with a great variety of colors and patterns, maintenance is easy. Tiles tolerate heat and cold well and require nothing more than a wipe with soapy water. Spills and stains do not really bother them. If the installation is done well, usually with cement, and the grout and the sealing are applied well, that is it. The usual cleaning would suffice, particularly for spills and splashes.

An infinite variety of materials, colors, and patterns

Which flooring would it be for the residence or business premises? Marble, granite, travertine, slate, limestone, porcelain, quartzite, sandstone, ceramic, onyx and so much more. A wide range of sizes like 12X12, 12X24, 16X16, 16X24 etc. make installation easy and convenient. Special shapes and patterns are available besides the squares and the rectangles.

Bring floors to life and match the tile designs with the walls and ceilings, electronics, furniture and wall hangings! Those striking color schemes may appear simplistic and minimal, but require great effort and skill to work out. Among the trending patterns are black and white or only white and only black. People seem to be tiring of excessively bright color symbolism nowadays in every media form! Conversely, even if everything about the interior is in good shape, but the floor is unattractive, that is a great let down. Floors nowadays do require a lot of attention just like everything else.

Look forward to flashy floors!

Keeping up with emerging trends is certainly exciting. Sandstone, onyx, and limestone floors are not as common as ceramic and porcelain floors. Durability, affordability and attractive patterns are the reasons why ceramics are in such great demand. They will last for ages and bring cool looks like clever imitations of marble too, so precise that it is difficult to make out the difference.

Gimmicks apart, why not go in for the king of natural stone, the marble wonders in a range of mellow shades, truly the stuff of dreams. It is certain that once it is installed, there is no looking back. The marble that has graced churches and palaces for thousands of years is auspicious indeed and a symbol of prosperity.

Slate, quartzite, and travertine have their unique graces too, and many designers and homeowners swear by them. In the choice between natural stone and porcelain that is basically clay, the stone would certainly be more durable in the long run, though more expensive. One way or the other, clever arrangements of colors, designs and materials would ensure esthetic and durable floors to last a lifetime and more.

Create Amazing Rug Patterns on the Floor With a Variety of Cool Mosaic Tiles

The most common uses for mosaic tiles would be in kitchen backsplashes and around bathtubs and showers. Yet, current trends show new uses for these heavenly mosaics. Create mystic rug patterns on the floor instead of decorating walls alone. Where will you put those rug patterns? Install them in entryways and bathrooms, perhaps, or just anywhere in the home or business premises. Go for zest and zing! Hexagons or basketweaves and so much more, homeowners and designers would have their arms full with difficult choices to make.

Emperador Light and Emperador Dark Basketweave

Opt for the traditional basketweave style and be rewarded with a classic look of eternity. The famed Turkish marble brings the striking mosaics called Emperador. Whether against the light or dark backgrounds, the creams, grays and mocha browns blend in superbly.

Tundra Gray Basketweave

A rare gift for basketweave lovers, this memorable Turkish marble mosaic combines grays with champagne and platinum and a bit of rose. Get a dramatic effect in a traditional bathroom as a rug pattern border design. Surround it with large subways to contrast with wood, ceramics or natural stone.

Honey Comb Hexagon

Go for the trendy hexagon mosaics making a comeback! Aim for either traditional or contemporary rug designs. The power of exotic marble brings the two-inch honeycomb hexagon in beige shades. The gentle and peaceful bathroom feels quite contemporary too in such shades. The choice of finishes like white oak grain would turn rustic spaces into modern settings.

Henley Hexagon

HH contains many shades of gray and platinum, gunmetal and black, brown and taupe too. Pretty marble has created this two-inch wonder, a bolder color choice compared to the honeycomb. HH has veins, specks and lines amidst all those shades. It blends well with dark backgrounds and contrasts with light shades.

Paradise Bay Blend

Go for a milder appearance of the rug pattern! PBB combines stone with glass and presents delightful vanilla and almond with the coolness of navy and gray. The sight is striking without being bold and dramatic. A tile pattern that is so diverse that it fits in with walls and countertops with a modern look.

Overcome doubts by using the visualizer tool for floors. Easily calculate how many mosaic tiles would be required for the planned design. Let mosaic tiles become topics of animated conversation in homes and businesses. Basketweaves and hexagons do transform spaces besides being durable and elegant.

Absolutely Stunning Lifelike Imitations in These Six Wood-Look Tiles

Traditions run eternally and hardwood floors create a stunning home scenario. Real estate agents confirm that homes with such floors fetch higher prices. If the realities are considered, hardwood floors suffer drawbacks, fragile and susceptible to damage. Simply install wood-look tiles hassle free, thanks to printing technology!

Those sustaining porcelain tiles are easily maintained. With inkjet printing wood appearances so convincingly, you have that beloved wood surrounding. A variety of shades and patterns allow esthetic choices. Light or very dark, take the choices of mahogany, maple, pine. Barn wood imitations may attract some people with depictions of white paint and saw marks. Besides the six examples, use the online floor visualizer tool to get real and close regarding flooring plans.

Botanica Cashew

The wood-look tile is similar to hardwood floors for laying designs such as herringbone. This amazing tile expresses wood grain in a rich brown shade, available in planks of 6″x24″ and 6″x36.” Cut them up and install them in creative designs. Once set up, there is little to worry about and you can bask in the rare beauty.

Country River Stone

Imagine the wood-look tiles out in the patio! A wooden deck with no problems arising, no stains and no splinters getting in the way. Love the warm gray that look quite like old wooden planks.

Aspenwood Artic

Beige and cream come together for a delicious treat in this variety. It would look like natural wooden floors in a 33% offset pattern. Family rooms should have them with no possibility of damage arising from naughty kids and pets.

Vintage Leather

In every style, there exists a space for the vintage element. Go contemporary, cottage or chic, weathered and reclaimed barn wood would be a welcome sight. Family rooms or kitchens would love the antique charm of rustic airs. It won’t get damaged in a hurry in spite of every danger and damage, besides being easily cleaned.

Palmetto Fog

Hardwood at entrances means worries about mud and water. Get wood-look tiles and carpets are done away with. Go for this gentle gray color in glazed matte.

Helena Birch

No chance of wooden floors in the bathroom but porcelain wood tile makes it possible. With this tile, you get a spa look. Splashes and mildew present no problem.

Try out much more varieties with the floor visualizer along with preferred cabinets and other furnishings. Get hooked on woody design without hassles.

Now Get Familiar With the Wonders of Inkjet Printing on Porcelain Tiles

Maybe it reminds of another little technological wonder called the desktop inkjet printer. The digital technology is the same and the high definition printing on tiles will keep you spellbound. The results are very realistic, with the colorful, elaborate patterns in vivid glory. It does need a while to start believing the updated technology that lies in plain sight before the eyes.

While we have long been used to watching imitations of wood, cement and leather surfaces imprinted upon porcelain, here is something far more authentic. Inkjet Porcelain happily surprises with stunning, real looking imitations. What is the preferred pattern? Hardwood and Cotto, marble and brick, besides many more patterns.

Well, why do you need fakes when the genuine stuff would be available too? Valid answers and many points. Happily, enjoy the surrounding created with warmth and emotion with little worry. The cost factor is very much affordable with little maintenance to worry about. It is dear old porcelain that has been around for more than a century. People can hardly do without it all over the town. We updated porcelain with new technology and that is what existence is all about; finding fresh meanings in the old and the vintage.

Capella Clay

Everybody loves terracotta tiles that look so warm and friendly. Yet they may be difficult to maintain. With Capella Clay tiles from the Capella collection, say goodbye to the worries and preserve that sensational charm. All that work of hectic cleaning is now gone. No need to oil and seal them either. Capella Clay will maintain those dashing looks of Cotto tiles well preserved for several decades. Do porcelain tiles really last for decades? Wait and see. Install them conveniently where most suitable all over the home or office premises. All the applications will be met with those two sizes of 12X24 and 24X24.

Capella Red

Brick walls denote a piece of history and we would all wish to have them, particularly around the house. The traditional brick endows the house with an old world charm of character and feeling. Yet modern homes have little of that brick feeling and imitations have to suffice. The truth is that actual bricks would turn out to be costly and difficult to install. Go in for the next best thing! Capella Red brick has been designed with the inkjet printing technology and renders an exquisite feeling. Hardly anybody would know the truth about porcelain and the fact that they are not real bricks. Only an intimate touch and feel would reveal the truth. Enjoy some advantages over real brick too. Porcelain being non-permeable, put them in watery places like shower walls and floors without hesitation.

Cemento Novara

You guessed it from the name! The Cemento series of Novara tiles gives the impression of concrete surfaces. Yet pouring and setting concrete involves a lot of hassle. Installing Novara tiles presents no problem at all in comparison, though it has to set well. Use them for a long-lasting great looking floor surface in every room in the house. Besides, maintenance hassles would be nil. And that is not all since Novara tiles would create fabulous accent walls. Backsplashes and countertops across kitchens and bathrooms? Of course with super designs and shades. Get the present day smart looks and industry too would make excellent use of them in an array of patterns and colors.


Let us end with the universally admired marble looks in all their gentle shades and stunning variety. Imagine the picturesque marble tiles around the fireplace or a shining polished marble floor! Would you desire the lush marble luxury across the bathroom floor? Fairytale marble effects around the shower, backsplash, and vanity? The Pietra series makes such dreams possible with PietraStatuario tiles. Install the dreamy marble look porcelain at the favorite locations, intimate corners, and accent walls. Real marble would be difficult to maintain and prone to damage. With PietraStatuario, no worry about surfaces getting etched, stained or scratched. Get ready for the creamy white dream with beige veins. Each tile looks a little bit different and they look so very realistic as if fresh from nature’s womb.

Inkjet digital printing technology made it all possible. Sincerely realistic reproductions of a range of textures and materials have now become possible with good old porcelain. Get to arrange pretty surfaces on the home walls and floors like never before.